Euston (Aymara)

Data Wed 16 July 2008 10:00 | Categoria: the London eye

uomo di spalle a Euston Road

Euston Road, aprile 2008

Una piccola eccezione: ascoltate il gruppo nel quale suona il nostro inviato londinese (batteria, sound engineering), in una loro canzone originale: Aymara

Gabi Garbutt & the BreadStealers - Aymara


Coca leaves gathered by your earthworn hands,
oblivious to the gun man and the superstates master plan.
The miners hold their own with their gums numb and green,
their minds and bones caressed by spirits, they crack on through this desolate scene.

Aymara, cross the border
change the rhythm of the water,
Aymara, the path of history resides
in your every stride.

The ominous stone guardians of the lake Titicaca stay,
but risk name and nationality as the merchenary fools go out to play,
and freedom's only freedom when the worlds yours for the taking,
so let the ancient Aymara tred the land they've grown but the western world is shaking.

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