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I met Umit Inatçı in the mid-nineties of the twentieth century, and we never lost sight of. Together, films and documentaries, websites and seminars, exhibitions and books...

In a world of masses of intellectuals and artists –the masses are mediocre as always– a great intellectual and a great artist... In a world of intellectuals and artists –who enjoy more than writing to publish, more to show than to paint– a human being who likes to write and paint.

In a world where the works are a means to an end, and the end is, the claim economic and social and psychological, that's an intellectual and artist who lives the picture, book, the movie and the seminary, and the friendship and collaboration, as an end in itself.

Umit the artist of ancient genre such as Donatello and Brunelleschi, Leonardo and Michelangelo... Umit who was trained and intellectually shaped in Italy... Umit the artist of Renaissance genre not confined simply in a technique, discipline, a profession, in a speech: a poet/painter Umit, paints, sculpts, designs, searches, documents, writes and teaches, plays, acts civilly, secularly and politically.

Umit an artist is not anti-conformist. The anti-conformism is the other side of conformism. Who is anti, is still all that is opposed antithetically. Umit is simply non-conformist artist. Umit artist and Cypriot, Turkish Cypriot and Italian, Mediterranean and European and Universal...

Retrieve the intuition of Shamanistic, Tantric, Zen Art and whatever is ritual, spiritual and hermeneutic that originates arts... Visual and verbal Poetry, Surrealist automatism, abstract symbolism, signs of remote memory and presence, consciousness and desire to become part of the cosmic harmony without devoting himself to any God and belief.

Umit that goes in a bookstore in Istanbul and comes out with two bags of books by authors who knows, authors who does not know, on the topics of his research, on unexpected research and opinions of others, books for himself, books for his university students.

Umit entering a scene from a movie filmed in Cyprus as an actor... camera, action! He surprises and moves and, freezes all: it is not clear; it is difficult to understand if he plays, if he acts, if repeats, if invents, if he is a father, if he is a brother...

Umit is –certainly creator of a new civilization.

Pasquale Misuraca - Rome, 28 November, 2011.

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